2018/19 Sports Dates to Remember


YOUTH SPORTS 2018/2019

Youth Basketball: Grades 1st – 2nd
**Season Nov-Jan / Deadline Nov. 30, 2018

Youth Basketball: Grades 3rd – 4th
**Season Dec-Feb / Deadline Dec. 7, 2018

Youth Basketball: Grades 5th – 8th
**Season Jan-Mar / Deadline Jan. 8, 2019

Youth Baseball: All Divisions (Age 5 – 14yrs)
**Season Apr-July / Feb. 15, 2019

Youth Baseball: 15yrs – 18yrs
Please call for more information

Girls Softball: All Division (Age 5 – 14yrs)
Please call for more information

Spring Coed Volleyball: Grades 3rd – 12th
**Season Apr-June / Deadline Mar. 28, 2018

Indoor Soccer: Ages 4yrs – 7yrs
**Season June-Aug / Deadline TBA

Summer Youth Basketball: Grades 3rd – 8th
**Season July-Aug / Deadline TBA

Teen Basketball: Grades 9th – 11th
**Season July-Aug / Deadline TBA

Youth Indoor Wiffle Ball: Ages 4yrs – 7yrs
**Season Aug-Oct / Deadline Aug. 1, 2019

Coed Youth Volleyball: Grades 3rd – 12th
**Season Oct-Dec / Deadline TBA

Flag Football: Grades 3rd – 8th
**Season Oct-Dec / Deadline TBA

**Deadlines are subject to change**

Sponsorship are needed for all
of the youth team sports. If you
are interested in sponsoring, please
contact Valley-Wide Recreation and
Park District at (951) 487-9234. We
greatly appreciate our sponsor’s help
and could not operate these programs
without them.