Drama Kids - Fall Classes

Kinder Kids (Ages 3-5)

Thursday 9:15am - 10:10am

Cost: $192 for 16 weeks (Aug 30—Dec 20)

Our KinderKids program is an excellent way to introduce the long-term benefits of dramatic arts participation to children attending Pre-school- Kindergarten. Each KinderKid student is highly involved in creative drama activities that develops speaking skills, builds confidence, and enhances early social skills and creative learning. Our Drama Kids instructors make sure all students feel comfortable and recognized so they will stretch and grow in a very positive environment. New scenes and activities are held in each class. Don’t miss the fun!

DKI Academy (Ages 11-16)

Thursday 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Cost: $240 for 16 weeks (Aug 30—Dec 20)

DKI Acting Academy is for teens who want to expand their skills in acting, public speaking, and performing. As students participate in dramatic activities and stage actual performances, they build confidence and learn to think more creatively. That foundation can have a dramatic impact on academic, personal, and professional success!  Regular class activities include speech training, mini-scripts (in pairs or threes), monologues, small group improvisations, character analysis, auditioning skill development, and production techniques.

Drama Kids Composite (Ages 6-11)

Thursday 4:30 - 5:30pm

Cost: $240 for 16 weeks (Aug 30—Dec 20)

Our Composite Classes are designed for ages 6 – 11 and include a variety of stimulating dramatic lessons perfectly suited  for most elementary school children. Students in our Composite program participate in a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation, snippets and scene starters. In a fun-filled atmosphere, our classes aim to give young people ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.

Visit Dramakids.com/ca8 or call 951-344-9599 for more information!