Physique's Women's Boot Camp

Location: Valley-Wide Regional Park

Instructor: Physique's - Ph: (951)381-0487

Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours of training and the coaches who have pushed you is beautiful women who fell in love with the game 'boot camp' and never looked back. Play for her, cheer for her, chant for her, Hooray! Join the team today! We offer 1 hour training 4 days a week, morning and evening boot camps, indoor 'spin' cycling, bag boxing, core conditioning, muscular endurance/strength, cardio endurance, body compositions and weekly goals and nutritional guidance. We also offer childcare for Physique's clients. 
Physiques is proud to announce 11 years of excellence! Transforming bodies everyday! If you are looking for a serious weight loss or toning and firming program. Physiques is it! We are known in the valley for the 'high weight loss numbers.' Don't miss your chance. Start Today! Our trainers are trained to Motivate and Dedicate to our clients needs. They are a cross between a drill sergeant and a cheer leader, when you''re ready to give up they're here to ask for that final 10 and when performed, cheering and chanting your success along with 10-15 other ladies in your class, everyone feeds motivation off each other! It's awesome! If you are not comfortable in group settings we also offer private one on one sessions.

Get started today! Please Contact Physique's at (951) (redacted)