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Board of Directors

President: Nick Schouten

Vice President: John Bragg

Secretary: Jan Bissell

Member: Steve Simpson

Member: Noah Rau

General Manager: Dean Wetter

Friends of Valley-Wide Foundation Board of Directors

President: Matt Burdin

Vice President: Nick Schouten

Secretary: Chama Cliff

Treasurer: Kimberly Jones

Member: Milly Paulson-Valdez

Member: Tom Wilson

Member: Blaine Womer

Member: Rod Tolliver

Member: Mike Record

Member: Emily Quast-McDonough

Member: Tim Hults

Member: Guy Excell

Member: Cindy Domenigoni


Graffiti Hot Line: 951-765-2309

Special Events: 951-654-1505

Adult Sports

Lawn Bowling at Gibbel Park: 951-925-7856

OLDlympics: 951-487-9234

Senior Softball: 951-537-4764

Shuffleboard: 951-333-9898

Sports Programs (French Valley): 951-894-1468

Sports Programs (Hemet/San Jacinto Valley): 951-487-9234

Sports Programs (Menifee): 951-672-6744

Tennis Association: 951-640-7858

Clubs and Organizations

C.A.R.E.: 951-927-0668

Diamond Valley Reservoir Visitors Center: 800-211-9863

Friends of Sun City Library: 951-679-3534

Friends of the Valle Vista Library: 951-927-2611

Hemet Area Museum Association: 951-929-4409 or 951-925-5885

Hemet Astronomical Society: 951-927-0445

Hemet Model Masters: 951-929-4061

Hemet P.A.L.: 951-330-9506

Hemet/San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce: 951-658-3211

League of Women Voters: 951-927-6673

Lee DeForest Radio Club: 951-492-1047

Menifee Valley Porcelain Artists: 951-929-1744

Ramona Country Carvers: 951-306-6692

Ramona Porcelain Artists Club: 951-927-9554

Ramona Rancheros 4-H Club (JoAnn Van Every): 951-766-4103

RC Electric Flying Club: 951-237-4317

San Jacinto P.A.L.: 951-487-6777

Shooting Star Ranch (formerly the T.H.E. Center): 951-658-7790

United Way: 951-929-9691

Valley Quilters: 951-766-2801

Valley Wide Kayak Club: 951-927-5951


Batters Box: 951-663-7974

Diamond Valley Aquatic Facility: 951-929-0047

District Office: 951-654-1505 

James Simpson Memorial Center: 951-929-5607

Marion V. Ashley Community Center: 951-928-2700

Menifee Community Center: 951-672-6744

Menifee Gym: 951-672-0507

Rancho Bella Vista Community Center: 951-894-1468

Sports Center: 951-487-9234

Valle Vista Community Center: 951-927-6673

Winchester Community Center: 951-926-5917

Special Population Organizations

A.Y.S.O. Soccer VIP program (ages 4 1/2 - 22):

EEK Fitness & Friends: 951-375-6906 or

Exceed: 951-925-6897

Foot Loose and Fancy Free: 951-375-6112

Honey Bears Bowling League (Adults): 951-658-5020

THE Center-Shooting Star Ranch (ages 4 and up): 951-658-7790

VIP Tots Programs: 951-652-7611

Youth Sports

A.Y.S.O (Outdoor Soccer) French Valley:

A.Y.S.O. (Outdoor Soccer) Hemet/ San Jacinto: 951-888-0137 or AYSO137.NET

French Valley Baseball and Softball Associations:

Hemet Juventus FC (Soccer Club): 951-634-4401 or 951-634-6980

Hemet Valley Dolphins Aquatics: 951-321-9786

Hemet/San Jacinto Jr. All-American Tackle Football: 951-956-8396

San Jacinto Wrestling: 951-634-6585

Sports Programs (French Valley): 951-894-1468

Sports Programs (Hemet/San Jacinto Valley): 951-487-9234

Sports Programs (Menifee): 951-672-6744

Youth Tennis: 951-765-5523